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Bethsaida Hermitage

16 July 2020

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Guest review

“Hi.My name is Alexi, Hello.My name is Palina. So it's our fourth visit to Bethsaida Hermitage Hotel and Recreational Center. We are now going into week number three this time. And we are extremely happy and pleased .It's a perfect combination here of paradise on earth . It offers excellent treatment for your body, for your head, for your soul.And it's a perfect detox for busy people living in big cities.Moreover, this hotel is eco friendly, and plastic free. Also all the food here is organically made and grown in their garden. Also, when you pay for your room and for your holiday, it's not only for your health, but for a good cause of supporting the local community and local school. Please come and visit this beautiful place and beautiful people and enjoy your time here. Come here the next time you’re in India. Thank you, Bye.”

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