If you have never done yoga or meditation, Bethsaida is the perfect place to begin a unique journey to the one existing reality - a world within yourself!

We offer daily yoga and meditation classes for people of all standards and abilities. Many people have found Bethsaida Hermitage to be an extra special place to do yoga and meditation, as they feel integrated in the beautiful and natural environment and are also part of its generous and friendly community.

Meditation is a popular choice for many guests, with daily guided classes for people with or without meditation experience, our trained instructor will take you to different dimensions. Again, this is a unique and magical place where healing is all the more possible and meditation becomes even easier. If you have never done yoga or meditation, Bethsaida is the perfect place to begin.

Daily yoga and meditation:

The morning session starts at 6.45 until 7.45 and

the evening session starts at 17.00 until 18:30.

We also offer beginner’s yoga lessons from 10.00 to 11.00.

Individual lessons with an instructor are available on request (costs for one special lesson 7 Euro/person).

From the first lesson, you will feel the effectiveness of the exercises: for example, performing “Surya Namaskaram” (Sun Salutation) five times each day helps to eliminate problems with joints and in the spine.


Joseph is a certified yoga instructor of the acclaimed Sivananda Yoga Ashram in Trivandrum. He received his certificate in 2005, and he has been teaching the traditional Hatha Yoga ever since.